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Emergencies may happen in any place unexpectedly, and it’s always good to be prepared in any tough situation. The final thing you have is to be left out in the dark. The flashlight is the important tool to tackle the dark scenario. Here is the overall self-defense flashlight for you.

Primitive Survivors XT808 is the high-performance tactical flashlight. It has proven and verified hundreds of bulbs and power supplies with the exact variation. The main use of this flashlight is to keep you safe forever. This flashlight is the right tool for any tactical situation or everyday life.

What is Primitive Survivors XT808 Flashlight?

Primitive Survivors XT808 is the amazing military grade flashlight that really important for adrenaline junkies, and outdoorsmen. This is the necessary tool to help you in survival. This flashlight can be brighter and shiner light. It is easily fit in your purse or pocket. You don’t have to bother about what around you. This product will help you to use it for hiking, camping, and trench work. You can use it for both the professional life as personal survival. This product comes equipped with the unique features which use for any self-defense purpose. You can also use this flashlight to break the glass whether you find yourself trapped in your car or bus.

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How Does Primitive Survivors XT808 Works?

Primitive Survivors XT808 uses the military technology for designing and making of the XT808 LED flashlight. This flashlight will help you to survive any difficult situation. In the dark time, you can use this flashlight to light up. It features 5.1 inches long extends to six points 18 inches adjustable focusing beam with up to 2000x focus high medium hello SOS and strobe light modes that XT808 LED flashlight is one of many tactical flashlights that have hit the market in the recent weeks. It will help you to survive, or you may be in the wild.

The flashlight like many of its competitors makes bold claims about its benefits it claims to be bright enough to blind a bear indicating its effectiveness for practical self-defense in your case for example and claims to be actively used by official military and police personnel around the world while this might be flowery marketing tactics what seems to be the case as they do possess of these specific properties and functions with the affordable price. Primitive Survivors XT808 is the only flashlight used in the field. This flashlight also claims to output the strategically blending 800 lumens of light. Finally, you will have the flashlight to face any tough scenario.


What Are The Features Of Primitive Survivors XT808?

  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Alloy: Primitive Survivors XT808 is made completely of the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. Because it is the amazing lightweight material and durable.
  • 5 Preset Modes: This flashlight includes the five pre-set modes such as medium, high, low, SOS, and stroke. You can able to use the flashlight for the type of alternative applications and send the signal in any emergency case.
  • Telescoping Focus: It will help you to choose between 1x focus 250x to 2000x. Whether you have to point at an object, and you can easily use this flashlight.
  • 800 Lumens Of Light: This flashlight has LED bulb of 800 lumens. It is equivalent to 60 watts of the light power. This flashlight has been used by the navy, the military, the fireman, the policemen, and rescue team.
  • Beveled Edge For Tactical Defense: Primitive Survivors XT808 is a highly effective flashlight to hit the aggressive targets. It is the most effective weapon to tackle any tough situation.

Primitive Survivors XT808 Reviews



  • Primitive Survivors XT808 is made from aircraft aluminum.
  • This product is the durable and long lasting tactical flashlight.
  • It has five pre set modes and waterproof.
  • This product is compact light-weight and adjustable focusing beam.
  • This product is user-friendly and highly reliable.
  • This flashlight is available at reasonable price.


  • Primitive Survivors XT808 is available for Online purchase only. It is Not offered in any shop.
  • It is available for discounted price for limited time only.

Primitive Survivors XT808 Review



Primitive Survivors XT808 is the highly recommended flashlight that can easily serve as the non-lethal self-defense tool. You can easily use for signaling and find out the blinding enemies. You can use it for your individual needs and official use. This flashlight can easily withstand in every weather conditions. It has the good durability, brightness, quality, and battery life. This product can easily send out the signal that saves your life forever. By using this Primitive Survivors XT808, you will feel safe and does not matter wherever you may be. Don’t waste your time. Grab this Primitive Survivors XT808 for hands-free use in any emergency situation.

Primitive Survivors XT808 Review

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